Raw Materials

The quality of the raw materials used

What distinguishes Nuova Zama in the PVC compound production is the careful choice of suppliers and continuous monitoring of the performance of the materials through constant internal quality tests.


Certified suppliers of high quality raw materials

The efficiency and competitiveness of our customers is closely related to the quality of the PVC compound that we produce. For this reason, a crucial factor for our company is the selection of the best suppliers of additives, stabilisers and plasticisers available on the market. The excellent and historic relations with suppliers allow Nuova Zama to carry out specific and customised solutions according to the range of use of the customer. The business know-how is available to the customer, ensuring speed of construction, quality and purity of the PVC compound produced.

Thorough internal tests on the materials used

Innovate is the dominant verb in the business philosophy of Nuova Zama. The priority is to continuously improve the quality of the compound and to develop innovative solutions that present different characteristics or even higher than those existing on the market. On behalf of our customers, we develop multiple formulas and mixtures tailored to meet their specific processing requirements, aware that the achievement of business objectives depends on the success and satisfaction of our customers. For this reason, any raw material or additive used is constantly subjected to strict tests to measure and evaluate their effectiveness, performance and quality.