Advanced facilities

The production site and the research department of Nuova Zama are at the forefront of technologies and performance. They comply with all industry reference standards.


Production facilities

Modernity and automation characterise the production facilities of Nuova Zama sites in San Bernardino (Lugo, RA). This allows quickly processing the customer requests, in compliance with the regulations about safety, management of hazardous materials, and environmental responsibility. The quality of the compound product is placed in the highest industry standards: for example, the production of transparent crystal or compound is completely isolated to prevent contamination from other productions. The result is a more powerful PVC compound which greatly facilitates the manufacturing process in the customer’s facility.

Modern and efficient scientific laboratories

The scientific research laboratories are the flagship and true heart of the company. The development of innovative formulas and the continuous tests on raw materials allow obtaining higher performance results. In addition, the customer’s needs are fully met, thanks to a comprehensive customisation in the production of the compound, a process that starts in the laboratories of Nuova Zama and ends in the production facilities of the customer.


Multiple solutions for endless uses

The extreme customisation of the characteristics of the compound allows its application and processing in many sectors, whatever are the production requirements of the customer. Nuova Zama designs and produces PVC compound of any type, suitable to be processed and used in various sectors: Food, Automotive, Medical, Construction, Electronics, Clothing, Footwear. From power line to seals, from shoes to medical tubes. Films, clothing, technical profiles, extruded profiles, furniture materials: the applications are endless, and so the production capacity and flexibility of Nuova Zama perfectly embrace any need for processing and final destination of the customer.