Nuova Zama: the values at the base of the industrial success

Flexibility and customization of production, customer assistance at every stage of the transformation process, environmental responsibility: these are our added values.

Quality, respect, responsibility, development and research to provide advanced solutions that adapt to any type of production needs.
These are the prevailing values ?that distinguish the company policy of Nuova Zama, aimed to provide its customers and suppliers, partners and employees, integrity together with a strong commitment on their side.


Maximum customisation of the production process of PVC compound

Any customer processing requirement can be met thanks to the continuous updating of the formulas internally adopted and developed by the scientific research team. The development and refinement of new solutions is the basis of the customisation of the production process of the compound. The customer will obtain a product that perfectly fits with their needs.

Customer assistance: because the best results are obtained together

A constant monitoring service assists the customer in the process of PVC granulated supplied, with the support of our laboratory technicians. Problem solving skills along with the support of a highly skilled technical staff, thus leading to the optimisation of the manufacturing process of the compound in the customer’s plant, considerably improving the final product.


Environmental responsibility

Nuova Zama meets the new legal provisions, such as the RoHS and REACH directives, in addition to EU regulations 10/2011 and the FDA regulation for PVC in contact with food. The continuous research of advanced solutions in the creation of new formulations such as high technological level that distinguishes the production lines of the compound, not only ensure compliance with those regulations but also anticipate them: Nuova Zama has made the respect for the environment one of the key values ??of its corporate mission.