Business know-how to serve customers

Our mission is your satisfaction. Highly customised solutions in the production of PVC compounds for each type of processing requirements.


We build the future of PVC together with our customers

Thanks to a solid industrial and commercial experience, Nuova Zama faces new challenges in the industry through increasingly international logics, studying and anticipating the most innovative offers to build the future of PVC together with its customers. Nuova Zama is then at the forefront in compound production, while providing, through its know-how, the evidence of its value, its amazing diversity and inevitable necessity.

Flexible solutions for every working need

The experience that distinguishes the company makes it possible to develop highly flexible solutions, adapted to the processing needs of the customer. Customisation in the production of PVC compound is achieved through research, dedication and specific investments: every formula designed in the company’s laboratories was created to adapt perfectly to the type of application, the characteristics of processes and the fleet of machines of the customers. Joining in a perfect synthesis of experience and professionalism, search and personalisation, Nuova Zama can guarantee the highest technological achievement for maximum productive customer satisfaction.