Nuova Zama, PVC compounds since 1995

Nuova Zama can count on its experience of more than forty years in compound, PVC granulate of various types and for multiple uses.


Since 1995, professionals in the production of PVC compounds

The company was founded in 1995 but, in 2000, thanks to a substantial reorganisation and targeted investments in research and technological innovation, the production site in San Bernardino in Lugo di Romagna (Ravenna) was built. The site allows an output of over 15,000 tons of rigid and plastic compounds to the highest quality standards, thus making the process of company internationalisation more robust and competitive. For this reason, it was decided to associate the term “Nuovo” (New) to the historical name ‘Zama’ – linked to the tradition of its founders – to underline the radical and profound process of modernisation and the rigorous dedication to find innovative formulas and create highly customisable solutions.

Rigid and soft compounds production for each type of transformation

The highly automated process and the continuous search for custom formulations ensure maximum production flexibility for all kinds of final applications. The different production lines, perfectly isolated from each other, in fact, allow producing both rigid and plastic PVC compounds with multiple applications as well as compound without phthalates. In particular, the adoption of plasticisers without phthalates in compounds production allows using it in the food industry, according to the most recent European and international standards.


Skills, innovation and research for a top quality product

The history of Nuova Zama is characterised by a constant evolution and development of their means of production, the trade capacity in the international field, and the constant development of new skills, which allow our scientific and research team to study and implement solutions that perfectly embrace the needs of its customers around the world.